$165.00 Coming Soon

The Sorceress is a super versatile two-stage monster of a gain pedal capable of obtaining a staggering variety of tones.

Clear OD, classic saggy drive, responsive amp-like crunch, thick sludgy fuzz, aggressive high-gain distortion, sizzling crossover clipping, and everything in between.

Tons of tone sculpting available for the knob tweakers.
- Gain control over both stages.
- 3-Band Active EQ -- Low, Mid, High -- Cut/Boost
- Focus control allows you to fine tune your pick attack and the responsiveness of the circuit. Adds or removes a little bit of low end weight to the tone.
- Unique morph control that allows you to tweak a notch in the high end frequencies, incredibly useful for bringing out the crossover clipping in the mix.
- Master Volume
- Two toggles
[Power] - Two different filtering options, useful for taming certain settings, or boosting others. Offers noticeable change in both the low end and high end, as well as general output volume.
[Mana] - Selector to change the clipping characteristics of the drive, introduces full crossover distortion.

Assembled in a powder coated and screen printed enclosure. High quality 3PDT switch, alpha pots, aluminum knobs, and switchcraft jacks.

All Aether Electronic pedals come with a lifetime warranty covering defects in manufacturing.