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Surfy slapback, delicate ethereal tones, and walls of shoegazey goodness all await within.

Oceanum is a Belton Brick based reverb, but with a slightly different approach. Instead of a unity gain buffer around the reverb, Oceanum provides control over a versatile preamp section, allowing you unmatched flexibility in regards to both tone and effect placement.

Users are offered control of:
-Preamp Gain
-Active 3-band EQ (Treble, Mid, Bass) - shapes clean tone prior to reverb
-Reverb Mix
-Trails toggle - On/Off
-Two mode toggle
[Mode One] - Room/hall/spring reverb with a fairly short decay range. Traditional reverb.
[Mode Two] - More pronounced slapback pre-delay, and a longer decay time available, bordering on the edge of a dark delay.

The original concept of Oceanum was to fill a void for dedicated pre-dirt reverbs. Something about the note interaction when running reverb before dirt always appealed to me. I was pleased to find out that this does that and more.
Slam the front end of a dirt pedal or amp with a boosted wall of reverb or place it after your dirt, tweak the EQ to your liking and set to a desired level. You choose how transparent or noticeable the change is.

Assembled in a powder coated and screen printed aluminum enclosure. High quality 3PDT switch, alpha pots, aluminum knobs, and switchcraft jacks, as usual.

All Aether Electronic pedals come with a lifetime warranty covering defects in manufacturing.