Elixir - Germanium Boost


Taking preorders! Built to order.

The Elixir is a germanium boost based around the Dallas Rangemaster. The circuit made famous by the likes of Tony Iommi, Brian May, Ritchie Blackmore, Eric Clapton, Billy Gibbons, and Marc Bolan among many others.
It isn't a fuzz, an overdrive, or a clean boost. It colors your tone. It pushes your amp into sweet, sweet breakup.

Though the original Rangemaster is a fantastic design, I feel that there are a few tweaks absolutely necessary to make it more user friendly and ready to be used in any situation.
In addition to the standard boost level, I have decided to include both a frequency range knob in the style of the Red Rooster, as well as a bias knob.
The controls are simple and interactive.

- The left knob alters the transistor bias. Germanium transistors tend to have some instability, drifting with uncontrollable variables such as ambient temperature. The bias knob allows you to fine tune and dial in the sweet spot at any given time.

- The right knob dials in the frequencies being boosted, from traditional treble boost to full-range boost in one sweep.

- The middle knob controls the boost level.

The Elixir is also able to run from a standard 9v Center-Negative adapter or daisy chain. No need to haul around a dedicated power supply or hope that your battery will last.
If you absolutely insist that it can run from a battery, I will install a battery snap by request.

Each unit is assembled in a slanted aluminum/walnut enclosure.
Circuit wired point-to-point on tagboard.
NOS Mullard OC75.
Aqua 3PDT, True-Bypass.
Neutrik Jacks.
2.1mm, 9v power jack.
Alpha Pots.
5mm LED, color of choice.

As with any of my other builds, Aether Electronic pedals come with a lifetime warranty covering defects in manufacturing.